Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan Al Nahyan

HH Sheikh Zayed

Zayed Early Days

Ever since his early days Zayed observed crystal-white Islam in all its details, clutched to the Islamic ethics as they are appropriate for each time and place. Since he took office in Abu Dhabi, Zayed spared no effort in positioning the snow-white teachings of Islam where they belong to, so long as they are the legacy of this great nation in terms of jurisdiction, duties, rights and general conducts, springing from the platform of the firm conviction that the Heavenly law is the Master of all other laws and the Word of God is the highest ever.

While Zayed did not receive access to education in schools from a young age, Allah the Al-Mighty granted him an enlightened mind along with sizable knowledge of the fundamentals of Islam. Not to mention that Zayed acquired from his mother, Sheikha Salama Bint Butti a pious and righteous woman born in a house of many of the houses in which the name of God is ceaselessly mentioned. A woman who grew up in a house of Faith & belief, for Faith creates the necessary strength and ability due to face adversities, dilemmas and storms, as well as it appeals acceptance amongst the people. The Noble Koran remained a doctrine controlling Zayed’s relations with the people; thus governing his entire behaviour.

Zayed Vision

Sheikh Zayed (May Allah rest his soul in peace) concretely believed in Unity as a tool and means for the embodiment & fulfilment of the goals of freedom and virtuous life, as well as an effective mechanism due to bring about world peace; for the human power is enormous if collaborated, gathered and interacted the world would obtain stability and progress. In addition Sheikh Zayed secured Unity strategy based on the idea of unifying the goals and dreams, and how this could not be achieved and the whole nation belongs to one cultural and civilization circle. Islam is the religion of unity and it respects other religions.

Zayed Achievements

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, (may God have mercy on him), was one of the most prominent leaders of the Twentieth Century. He was, through his consistent, continuous and untiring initiatives able to establish a Federal State comprising seven emirates, including a large part of the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula, where high in the sky the flag of Federation rises and where security, order, discipline and justice gained prevalence and prevailed.

Sheikh Zayed wise vision was reflected in many of his multi-unitary achievements in the Arabian Gulf region, particularly in the context of contributing to the establishment of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as in the context of the issues of economic entities, humanitarian, social and Arab and Islamic organizations. At the international level, Zayed gained the respect and admiration of the leaders of the world, for he never stopped calling for world peace and justice.

Sheikh Zayed concretely believed that the sources of sentimental, moral and spiritual energy are embedded in the context of national consciousness, constructive culture, humanitarian and civic education, as well as in the field of Islamic methodology, where the virtues of human dignity and moral-based cooperation, unity and solidarity, compassion and brotherhood and sacrifice are contained. The sources of power are represented in work, which consequently leads to flourish and prosperity.

Zayed (may Allah rest his soul in peace) was a peaceful thinker, who believed in force only when it becomes a necessity, and if the State were not able, in its own, to protect itself and maintain its national entity it would find neither a protector nor a developer.